About Us

Our goal is to help business owners and online sellers like you grow, locally and globally. We offer a single place where all your shipping and fulfillment needs are met. Our longtime partnerships with carriers give you the competitive edge: exclusive shipping rates and faster delivery times. That’s how we help grow "customer love" for your business.

We credit our success to the continuous effort we make to improve and develop our services, while focusing on Quality management where safety of people, property and environment receive top priority.

Our Environment

The goal is to gather data in the remote offshore areas and over large distances. The information obtained gives an updated view on the frequent changes in the environment of the marine mammals. This allows a continuous improvement of environmental protection for them. We are very proud that in the past 3 years, together with Transport Desgagnés, we exceeded 1000 observations, with 361 observations just in 2017.

Our Services

Shipping Service

hipping simplified and your bottom-line amplified. Use one platform for all your shipping requirements and instantly access the best possible discounts on mail services, domestic and international courier, air, ocean, and LTL freight with Empire Shipping


Stay on top of your operations whether you juggle several online stores or just have one. Empire Shipping lets you integrate with multiple eCommerce platforms, sync and process orders, and manage inventory across all your sales channels through one platform

Smart Logistics

Are you a seller in North America that manufactures items overseas or a seller on Amazon that receives products from overseas? Smart Logistics is our exclusive service that lets you streamline your importing process from a single platform.

Reefer Shipping

Empire Shipping services go far beyond the port. We offer inland transport by road, rail and barge. By using our complete intermodal network, our customers can rely on a real door-to-door service.